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Claire Murray in her North Devon studio

Claire Murray portrait 2 in her Devon studio 2019.jpg

My sculptures are based on a lifelong exploration of the complexities of communication. They also reflect my enduring fascination with the human face and form. Speech does not always convey fully what we might need - or wish - to say.


These ceramic figures, each of which is unique and may take three or more days to model by hand, are not meant to portray physiological accuracy. Rather, each piece is trying to express - however imperfectly - an understanding of the human condition. As in life, I want my figures to communicate strength and tenderness as well as physical vulnerability.

My inspiration comes not only from direct observation but from exploring human representations across a very wide range of objects and images. For most of my adult life, I have spent hours studying diverse artefacts from medieval stone carvings to ancient and contemporary African and Asian sculptures.


My work is constantly evolving. This is reflected both in the sculptural forms themselves and in the different visual metaphors and related symbols that I choose to employ.

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